Monday, April 25, 2011

Mimosa Bar

This year for Easter brunch we had both a Bloody Mary and a Mimosa Bar!  It was so much fun!  My parents set up the Bloody Mary Bar and I worked on the Mimosa's what I included for the mimosas:

-Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
-Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice
-Pomegranate Juice
-Cranberry Juice
-Sugar for the fresh squeezed juice if it needs a little sweetener, you could also use simple syrup (sugar and water boiled together) for this

To make the fresh squeezed orange juice and grapefruit juice I used my electric citrus juicer.  It's pretty easy to use and much easier than doing it by hand!  They are also much less expensive than a regular juicer, I bought mine from Target for $20.

One orange yields about 1/4 cup of liquid, I used about 12 oranges to fill my glass jar.

For the grapefruit juice I only used 2 ruby red grapefruits and they yielded about 1 cup each.  The grapefruit juice was a big hit, I would have juiced some more if I had them! 

It is best to juice the fruit as close to serving as possible, but up to 2 days in advance will work just fine.

Each juice on its own was great with the champagne, but it was very fun to be creative and mix your own cocktail! 

One of my favorites was champagne, pomegranate juice and a squeeze of a lime wedge.

The traditional mimosa is made with orange juice and champagne.  The other variations all have different names.  For example, cranberry juice and champagne is a Poinsetta and grapefruit juice and champagne is a Lilosa.  Whatever you choose to create, it is so fun to mix and match your cocktail!

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